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Holiday meals
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    Yes! That special time of the year has come! The house is filled with excitement, and we all feel better... it's the time to spend some time all together, the family is reunited around the table. Finally the meal regains its ancient task of bringing together and celebrating. These that you fnd here are only a few of the special things you can cook for your loved ones, or WITH them. If you know some more, share them with us!











    HOT! We recommend:

    estive holiday table spread
    The holidays are all about the spreading of love, laughter, and ... fabulous holiday home decor. 'Spread' the holiday spirit with this gorgeous table spread. It will brighten your sprit, as well as, your home. Products shown are sold individually.

    santa holiday centerpiece
    Whether it be shoveling down the chimney, flying on his sleigh, tip toeing on the roof, or joining you at the dinner table as a festive centerpiece... Jolly Old Saint Nick makes any holiday memory enchanting. So this season, rather than leaving his grumbling belly just cookies and milk -- why not invite him to sit down and join for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 10" by 11".

    diamond ring napkin rings - set of 4
    Celebrate a friend's new ring with a little napkin bling. Presented in a velvety box, just like the real thing, these diamond ring napkin rings are guaranteed to get a laugh from the engagement party or bridal shower crowd. Makes a great engagement gift too. Diamond is 1.75" diamter. Napkin ring has 2" diameter. Set of 4.

    christmas disposable picks
    These eye-catching party picks look festive spearing hors d'oeuvres or cocktail garnishes. Pick your favorite bowl - they all look great on this pick tray. Plastic. 3" Tall. Set of 30.

    silver star garland
    This stuff oozes with atmosphere. You can also cut it and wrap pieces around your martini glasses for a little extra punch. 25' long garland. Set of 12

    snowman sleigh : 30% off
      Who do you think gave Santa his driving lessons?! Frosty has taken the reins, and is off to spread his glistening blanket of snow across the globe. Let him rest his sleigh on your mantle piece or table; he is the perfect addition to any winter decoration. Made of paper pulp, and covered in mica with a pressed paper sleigh. Measures 9".

    holiday fun soaps - set of 4
    It's a toy, no, it's soap - it's two things in one! These adorable soaps are perfect stocking stuffers for all the "kids" (and we use the term loosely) in your crowd. Set of 4.

    joy & believe sachets
    These holiday sachets not only smell beautiful but deliver inspiring messages to last the whole year . A thoughtful gift. Each sachet is 3" by 3".

    red and white christmas tree crackers-pack of 6
    The Brits have known it for years - crackers are pre-packaged party fun. Guests pull the ends and POP! There's a secret gift inside! Combining the festive look of wrapping paper, the element of surprise and an irresistible loud noise, crackers are a rousing way to enhance your dinner party place settings. Ages 6 and up. Cracker: 9.75" long. Set of 6. Contents include: domino game, stamps, mini plush toys, necklaces, bracelets, and assorted keychains. Contents may vary. Set of 6.

    jolly santa banner
    Is it us or does Santa look happier than ever in this festive banner? He is, and hanging in your house will be the only thing that will put an even bigger twinkle in the jolly mans eyes. Pass on the joy and share the happiness, simply by giving Santa a spot between a doorway or draped on a wall. Those who pass under will be bitten by the Holiday bug. Paper. 4.5" by 9".

    santa dancer
    "Santa's got moves, you ain't ever seen before." Everyone will love this little Santa dancer. He will awe and inspire a brand new generation to dance a little jig. Just be sure not to let the overzealous gift giver dance too erratically, he is an old man and his joints just aren't what they used to be. Paper. 18" by 7".

    music note partycrackers - pack of 8
    Pop open a bit of a bit of fun with these stylish music note partycrackers. They make great favors for your next movie awards party. Not recommended for children under the age of 6. 7" by 9.75". Pack of 8.



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