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      RECIPE TITLE "Honey-Kissed Vegetables" Author: Kiki, (adapted from recipe by The National Honey Board)

    yieldsserves 6 time-- difficultyeasy


    2 1/4 cups Acorn Squash -- cubed
    1 large Turnip -- cubed
    1 cup Carrots -- julienned
    1 small Onion -- halved and quartered
    1/4 cup Honey
    2 tablespoons Margarine -- melted
    1 teaspoon Orange Peel -- grated
    1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg -- ground


    1. Prepare uncooked squash by paring, seeding and cutting into 1 inch chunks.
    2. Prepare turnips by paring and cutting into small chunks.
    3. Halve and quarter onion, and julienne slice pared carrots.
    4. Steam squash, turnip, carrot and onion over water in covered skillet about 5 minutes or until tender. Drain.
    5. Combine honey, margarine, orange peel and nutmeg.
    6. Drizzle over vegetables and toss; serve.

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