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     Kitchen Magic Substitutes
       excerpted from Haley's Hints Copyright © 2004 by by Graham Haley


    OOPS ...


    Allspice ... To make up 1 tablespoon of allspice, mix 1-½ teaspoons of ground cloves with 1-½ teaspoons of ground cinnamon.

    Baking Powder ... Use 1 teaspoon cream of tartar plus ½ teaspoon baking soda to replace 2 tablespoons baking powder.

    Butter ... In a pinch you can replace 1 cup of butter with 7/8 cup of ordinary kitchen lard.

    Buttermilk ... An equal amount of yogurt will replace buttermilk.

    Celery ... To fool your guests, replace celery in a salad with finely cut crisp cabbage. Sprinkle with a little celery salt.

    Chicken ... Short of chicken? Replace with cubed veal or pork. Believe it or not, tuna fish can also pass as chicken in a pinch!

    Chocolate ... Replace 1 square of chocolate with 3 tablespoons cocoa and 1 tablespoon shortening.

    Chocolate Frosting ... Combine sweetened condensed milk with powdered cocoa until frosting consistency is reached.

    Cornstarch ... Flour can be substituted for cornstarch if you double the quantity.

    CornSyrup ... 1 cup of sugar dissolved in a quarter cup of warm water, will substitute for a cup of corn syrup. An equal amount of honey should also do the trick.

    Cream, Sour ... Should you need a cup of sour cream, substitute a blend of ¾ cup sour milk and 1/3 cup butter.

    Cream, Whipped ... If your recipe calls for a cup of whipped cream and you don't have any, try using 1-½ cups of chilled evaporated milk with a teaspoon of lemon juice added. Whip as normal.

    * Another handy substitute for whipped cream is to puree a banana, then whip with a beaten egg white. Add a drop or two of vanilla extract and sugar to taste.

    Eggs ... If the recipe calls for more than two eggs, one egg can be omitted, but add 2 tablespoons milk and ½ teaspoon baking powder to replace it.

    * For a clever scrambled egg extender, add a cupful of crumbled crackers if you don't have an extra egg or 2!

    Flavor Fill-ins ... A sherry flavor may be obtained by combining the flavors of rose and almond extracts. Pistachio flavor may be created by mixing vanilla and almond extracts.

    Flour ... A handy replacement for 1 cup of flour is 1-½ cups of fine bread crumbs.

    * Or, to obtain a cup of all purpose flour, substitute with 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons of cake or pastry flour.

    Food Coloring ... When frosting a cake, you can substitute food coloring by adding some unsweetened flavored drink mix to your icing sugar.

    Honey ... For sweet success, replace a cup of honey with either a cup of molasses or corn syrup.

    Ice Trays ... If you run out of ice cube trays, a handy substitute is a styrofoam egg carton.

    Ketchup ... Here's a quick replacement for ketchup to keep the kids happy. Combine ½ cup sugar, 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar and one 250 mi. tin of tomato sauce.

    Lemon ... If your recipe calls for the juice of one lemon, use ¼ cup of lemon juice.

    Mayonnaise ... Here are two handy substitutes for mayonnaise when cooking. Use an equal amount of sour cream or pureed cottage cheese.

    Milk ... If you run out of milk, while baking or making puddings, believe it or not, if you peel, then liquefy 1-¼ lb. of zucchini, the liquid will substitute for about 2 cups of milk.

    * Instead of mixing milk with eggs when making omelets, substitute ice cold water. They'll come out fluffier tool

    Mushrooms ... It's said that mushrooms can often be replaced by cooking diced celery instead.

    Oil ... If a cake recipe calls for cooking oil and you have none, mayonnaise will substitute for the oil in a pinch. Use the same amount of mayonnaise as you would oil.

    Salt ... A healthy replacement, would be a mixture of garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, basil, white pepper and lemon pepper.

    Sugar ... Use 1 cup honey plus ¼ teaspoon baking soda to replace 1 cup of white sugar. Remember to deduct 3 tablespoons of liquid from the recipe.

    * Or use 1-¼ cups of fruit sugar or brown sugar to substitute for 1 cup of white sugar.

    Tomato Paste ... If you require a small amount of tomato paste, try substituting an equal amount of ketchup.

    Yogurt ... A handy stand-in for plain yogurt is an equal amount of sour cream or pureed cottage cheese.

    Haley's Hints
    The extraordinary guide to ordinary items and products with time- and money-saving uses. Over 2,000 of them!

    In Haley's Hints readers will find:

    Environment-friendly tips on cleaning and stain removal
    Money-saving advice on pest control and pet care
    Practical pointers for children, seniors, and gardeners
    Recipe tricks
    Laundry tips
    Sewing hints
    Workplace wonders
    Plumbing, painting, carpentry, and electrical shortcuts
    Plus a whole chapter on pampering themselves

    All topped off with a comprehensive easy-find index to help readers find the exact solution they need-fast.

    Author Biography: For more than ten years, Graham and Rosemary Haley have shared their simple, inexpensive household secrets through TV and radio shows, books, magazine and newspaper columns, cartoon strips, and live appearances. The Haley's Hints TV Show is now seen across four continents-North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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