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     all about "Cookie Swaps"
       excerpetd from 250 Best Cookie Recipes

    Who doesn't remember the wonderful warm aroma coming from the kitchen as Mom was baking cookies? I wanted to gobble them up as soon as they came out of the oven but Mom always made us wait until they were cool enough to eat or she said we would get a stomachache.

    I can remember coming home with my sisters and smelling the irresistible, magnificent aroma of cinnamon buns baking in the oven. Mom would take any leftover scraps of dough, roll them into a huge, flat cookie, sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon and bake to cookie specially for us. It was my favorite cookie and it still brings back many wonderful memories of my childhood.

    Everyone loves cookies — young and old. Most cookies can be stored at room temperature for several days, or even weeks, if they don't disappear first. Everyone I know has a cookie jar sitting on the counter within easy reach. I find that using a cookie tin, with an airtight lid, helps cookies to keep that freshly baked flavor. Most cookies will freeze well, but they should be cooled completely before being placed in tins or containers. I always place a sheet of waxed paper between each layer.

    Baking cookies can be a fun time. I remember years ago hearing about "Cookie Swaps" and later participated in a few of these myself. It has become a popular event, especially at Christmas time. Here's how it works.

    You bake one dozen cookies for each guest coming to the Swap. For example, if there will be 10 ladies participating, you would bake 10 dozen of say, your Peanut Butter Cookies. You'll come home with 10 dozen different cookies, one dozen of each kind brought by the other guests. It is a wise idea to bakeyour cookies a few days ahead so you won't be overwhelmed the day of the Swap. If you invite less than eight guests you really don't get enough variety in cookies, but if you have more than 12 guests, it would be too much baking for each person. So 8 to 12 guests seems to work out best.

    Decide in advance what type of cookie you will be bringing and let the hostess know so that there won't be a lot of duplication. I have one cookie recipe that everyone just assumes I should bring, my Chocolate Chip Komish Bread cookies (or miniscotti). In one Cookie Swap that I attended, a lady I had worked with brought some store-bought cookies and, needless to say, was never invited again. So, the cookies have to be homemade.

    The wrapping is all part of the fun. Place each dozen cookies into 10 decorated bags, or some other unique wrapping, like baskets, decorative tins, plastic or freezer bags tied with colored ribbons. It's a great idea, especially for busy women, a perfect excuse to have a party, but also a way to get together with old and new friends to enjoy sharing your favorite cookies and recipes. So have lots of recipe cards and pens ready.

    Another way to enjoy your special or favorite cookies is to make a cookie crust for pies, or any other desserts requiring a dough crust. You could use chocolate cookies, vanilla wafers, graham wafers or gingersnap cookies just to name a few. Crush the cookies into fine crumbs, about 1 1/2 cups (375 mL). Stir in melted butter or margarine, about 1/4 cup (50 mL) and press into your pie plate. This type of crust can be chilled without baking, or baked at 350°F (180°C) for 10 minutes and then cooled.

    Cookies are usually made from simple ingredients and are very versatile. They can be eaten at your leisure time, or when you are on the run it's great to be able to grab some cookies, take them with you in the car, in your briefcase, etc. to enjoy later. They're great also for coffee breaks, snacks or desserts, and most recipes are easy enough for even a novice cook to attempt as long as you follow the instructions. There is no limit in the way in which recipes can be varied according to your own taste. Happy Baking!

    Esther Brody

    Pfaltzgraff Penguin Skate Cookie Jar
    Pfaltzgraff Penguin Skate Cookie Jar Pfaltzgraff Penguin Skate cookie jar. Penguin Skate is a whimsical winter dinnerware and pantryware pattern that celebrates the adventures of our penguin pals. Fill this fun, sculpted penguin cookie jar with you favorite holiday cookies; give as a gift or keep on your kitchen counter during the winter holidays.


    Royal Worcester Large Evesham Storage Jar
    Royal Worcester Large Evesham Storage Jar The Evesham pattern by Royal Worcester is a highly collectible English design on fine porcelain. A popular pattern by Royal Worcester depicting fruit framed by a gold edge. The Evesham Gold Storage Jar Large Size measures 6- 3/4 inch diameter x 7-1/2 inch tall and the capacity is 9 cups.

    Pfaltzgraff 2-pc. Delicious Cookie Jar with Lid
    Pfaltzgraff 2-pc. Delicious Cookie Jar with Lid Delicious personifies the simple and nostalgic flavor of American Country updated for todays home and lifestyles. With its fresh combination of retro looks, Delicious mixes a nostalgic red and white decorative scrolled print with apple, cherry, gingham check, and stripe accents. Handpainted and sculpted accessories act as statement pieces and make wonderful housewarming gifts that your friends are sure to love. The Apple Cookie Jar, is made of Earthenware, and is in the shape of an apple. Holds 5.5qt.


    250 Best Cookie Recipes 250 Best Cookie Recipes
    Cookies are the ideal treat-enjoyed by virtually everyone. Whether at home, school, or office, we all enjoy a cookie for its baked goodness. Here are delicious and dependable recipes, from traditional chocolate chip to innovative biscotti. Make classic homespun favorites such as Lemon Shortbread and Chocolate Chip. Your next coffee break will become a much richer experience when it is accompanied by a Chocolate Walnut and Coffee Biscotti. Send your children off to school with a Wholesome Cheddar Bran Cookie. As a special treat, Cinnamon Pecan Snickerdoodles fit the bill. They're all here, plus much more!


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