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     Chocolate facts
       brought by PURDY'S CHOCOLATES

    Chocolate Helps to Prevent "Bad" Cholesterol
    Chocolate contains the same phenolics that are found in red wine, phenolics are believed to help prevent so-called "bad" cholesterol from clogging arteries. In addition, the stearic acid found in chocolate decreases the liver's output of fat and lowers the production of "bad" cholesterol.

    Chocolate is Low in Caffeine
    Chocolate is comparatively low in caffeine. For example a one-ounce piece of milk chocolate contains approximately 6 milligrams of caffeine while a seven-ounce cup of decaffeinated instant coffee contains 3 milligrams of caffeine and a seven-ounce cup of caffeinated instant coffee contains 65 milligrams of caffeine.

    Chocolate Makes You Feel Great
    Chocolate is part of a healthy, balanced diet and it makes you feel great! A substance in chocolate called theobromine triggers the release of endorphins, which are chemicals, produced by the brain, that act like a natural antidepressant and can temporarily relieve the "blues".

    Chocolate Helps You Live Longer
    Research proves that candy eaters live almost a year longer than those who abstain.

    Chocolate Is Good For You
    Doctors now say that chocolate is good for you! Research has confirmed that chocolate is a good source of the kind of antioxidants found in tea. But actually, the antioxidant content of chocolate is four times that of tea. Plus, the fat in chocolate can help your immune system and it can also help outwit cytokines by reducing your susceptibility to infections and inflammation.

    Chocolate Won’t Cause Acne
    Scientists have concluded that pure chocolate won't cause acne.


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