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    book coverMexican Family Cooking
    Drawing from a wide variety of readily-available ingredients, renowned chef Aida Gabilondo has created the first authentic Mexican cookbook to truly serve the needs of American cooks. From classic favorites like guacomole and quesidillas to Red Snapper Hash, this collection includes over 300 sumptious and easy-to-prepare recipes. More info
    book coverThe Best of Mexico (The Best of ...)
    Among the world's great cuisines, the foods of Mexico stand out in their diversity and creativity. Rooted in its history of great and ancient Indian civilizations, inspired by the Spanish Conquistadores of the sixteenth century, and influenced by European tastes in the later revolutionary years, it is indeed a dynamic cuisine -- adaptable but remarkably complete even in its melding of different cultures.
    In The Best of Mexico, food editor Evie Righter has chosen the finest examples of culinary creativity from this intriguing and vibrant country. From the chiles, chocolate, nuts, and tomatoes puréed into exquisite sauces, to the corn, beans, avocados, and seafood combined into flavorful dishes, she presents the Mexican cook's ingredients and techniques in a clear and accessible style that will enlighten and inspire.
    Here are the favorite drinks, salsas, and tacos; festive dishes including enchiladas, tamales, and pozoles; elegant entréeslike Mole Poblano de Guajolote and Pescado a la Veracruzana, and well-loved desserts like Flan and Buñuelos.
    Color photographs throughout feature the dishes themselves as well as the bountiful waters and lively marketplaces so representative of Mexico. An essential guide to this distinctive cuisine, The Best of Mexico helps turn an ordinary meal into a fiesta. More info
    book coverThe Tex-Mex Cookbook: A History in Recipes and Photos
    Nobody knows Tex-Mex like Houstonian Robb Walsh, who has spent much of his career researching the vibrant Mexican-American-and-Texan kitchen. Now he shares all the savory details in a comprehensive Tex-Mex bible, filled with outsize characters, fascinating stories, rare archival photographs, and of course great recipes for making an easy-to-elegant range of classic and nuevo dishes.
    The Tex-Mex Cookbook takes readers from the Spanish missions of the eighteenth century to the nineteenth century’s short-lived Republic of Texas and beyond, capturing the flavor of old San Antonio’s Chile Queens as well as the distinctively homespun inventions of rural border towns in lively prose and historic photographs. From the birth of corn chip mania to the booming Tex-Mex aisles in supermarkets across America, The Tex-Mex Cookbook reveals how "America's oldest regional cuisine" became a nationwide passion. Recipes include tacos, enchiladas, and authentic Texas chili, as well as fajitas, nachos, and Frito pie. Upscale contemporary selections such as Wild Mushroom Chalupas and Prickly Pear Margaritas bring this western saga up-to-the-minute.
    A food fiesta that will delight home cooks and history buffs alike, The Tex-Mex Cookbook celebrates this inimitable culinary culture with the fact-filled, fun-filled tribute it deserves. More info
    book coverThe Essential Cuisines of Mexico: Revised and updated throughout, with more than 30 new recipes.
    Can it be 30 years since Diana Kennedy's first cookbook was published? Since then, and due largely to her, Americans have learned that Mexican food isn't just burritos and combination plates, but a subtle, highly developed repertoire with roots in European as well as native Mexican cooking. The Essential Cuisines of Mexico combines in one book Kennedy's first three works, The Cuisines of Mexico, The Tortilla Book, and Mexican Regional Cooking. Updated and revised, and with 30 new recipes to make more than 300 in all, the compilation is instantly the definitive English-language exploration of Mexican cooking.
    In 20 chapters--from appetizers to sweets and drinks--the book presents old friends like Pozole de Jalisco and chile con queso, and new delights, including pico de gallo with peaches, Arroz à la Tumbada (rice with seafood), Pollo en Cuiclachoce (chicken in a sauce made with cuitlacoche, the wonderfully exotic corn fungus), snacks from Yucatán cantinas, and a delicious barbecued chicken from Chiapus. The recipe revisions reflect increased ingredient availability and our evolved appreciation of the Mexican palate (Kennedy now requires fresh poblano chilies in her Sopa de Elote, for example, and instructs that they be charred). The sections on masa "fantasies" and tortillas bring together a wide range of these corn-based treats, including Garnachas Yucatecas (delicious filled masa tartlets). With a comprehensive glossary and essays such as "A Weekend Barbecue in Oaxaca," the book reminds us of Kennedy's great contribution to our culinary pleasure, and the recipes that made it possible. --Arthur Boehm
    More info
    book cover1,000 Mexican Recipes
    A celebration of Mexican cuisine—traditional and new—written for today's cook. Mexican foods excite and captivate the senses. Simple dishes like chile butter on fresh, juicy corn offer immediate gratification; dishes like burritos or poultry with mole sauces tantalize with layers of flavor. And the more you taste the more you want to try! So here's the perfect book to help you savor the tremendous variety of dishes throughout Mexico—from Baja on the Pacific Ocean to Mexico City in the heart of the country to Yucatán at the tip of the Gulf of Mexico. The recipes represent a delicious taste tour of dishes found in home kitchens, at market food stalls (fondas), and in restaurants—from local taquerias to sophisticated hotspots featuring acclaimed chefs. There are dishes for every meal and for snacks in between, for a busy weekday or for special occasions. You'll find traditional dishes common throughout Mexico, special regional fare, and modern dishes inspired by Mexican chefs that weave together native and new ingredients and techniques (nueva cocina). There are also recipes that are perfect for when you want great Mexican food, but are short on time or ingredients. Here is just a sampling of what you'll find: North-of-the-Border Favorites: Classic Guacamole; Fresh Salsa Mexicana; Chicken Quesadillas; Huevos Rancheros; Mexican Coffee Flan; Mexican Wedding Cookies Classic Mexican Dishes (with Several Variations): tamales; enchiladas; pozole; empanadas; chiles rellenos Regional Specialties: Shrimp, Puerta Vallarta Style; Red Snapper Veracruzana; Chicken in Mole Sauce from Puebla; Oven-Roasted Lamb, Monterrey Style; Oaxacan Bread Nueva Cocina (New-Style Cooking): Cornish Hens with Fiery Cilantro-Mint Sauce; Rolled Chicken Breasts with Poblano Chiles and Goat Cheese; Sautéed Salmon with Creamy Corn Sauce and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds; Potato and Chile Gratin; Watermelon Ice Cream Soon-to-be Favorites: Fried Potato Chips with Lime and Chili; Chicken with Chipotle Chiles and Tequila; Tijuana Pork Burritos; Shrimp in Garlic Sauce; Custard Bread Pudding; Mexican Chocolate Cake Modern Adaptations: Quick Refried Black Beans; Easy Mole from Prepared Paste; Chili Powder Enchilada Sauce; Black Bean Omelet With 1,000 Mexican Recipes, simply by learning about Mexican ingredients or techniques, you can add a kick to your everyday cooking. You can also choose a few recipes to add to your frequently made favorites, or you can have a traditional Mexican fiesta every night of the week, if you like. Browse, explore, experiment, and enjoy these recipes. Mexicans are passionate about good food—simple or special—and whether you are a novice or an experienced cook, you will appreciate and share their love for cooking with every dish you make. More info
    book coverRick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen: Capturing the Vibrant flavors of a World-Class Cuisine
    BURSTING WITH BOLD, COMPLEX FLAVORS, Mexican cooking has the kind of gusto we want in food today. Until now, American home cooks have had few authorities to translate the heart of this world-class cuisine to everyday cooking.
    In this book of more than 150 recipes, award-winning chef, author and teacher Rick bayless provides the inspiration and guidance that home cooks have needed. With a blend of passion, patience, clarity and humor, he unerringly finds his way into the very soul of Mexican cuisine, from essential recipes and explorations of Mexico's many chiles to quick-to-prepare everyday dishes and pull-out-the-stops celebration fare.
    Bayless begins the journey by introducing us to the building blocks of Mexican cooking. With infectious enthusiasm and an entertaining voice, he outlines 16 essential preparations-deeply flavored tomato sauces and tangy tomatillo salsas, rich chile pastes and indispensable handmade tortillas.
    Fascinating cultural background and practical cooking tips help readers to understand these preparations and make them their own. Each recipe explains which steps can be completed in advance to make final preparation easier, and each provides a list of the dishes in later chapters that are built around these basics. And with each essential recipe, Bayless includes several "Simple Ideas from My American Home"-quick, familiar recipes with innovative Mexican accents, such as Baked Ham with Yucatecan Flavors, Spicy Chicken Salad, Ancho-Broiled Salmon and Very, Very Good Chili.
    Throughout, the intrepid Bayless brings chiles into focus, revealing that Mexican cooks use these pods for flavor, richness, color and, yes, sometimes for heat. He details the simple techniques for getting the best out of every chile-from the rich, smoky chipotle to the incendiary but fruity habanero.
    Then, in more than 135 recipes that follow, Bayless guides us through a wide range of richly flavored regional Mexican dishes, combining down-home appeal and convivial informality with simple culinary elegance. It's all here: starters like Classic Seviche Tostadas or Chorizo-Stuffed Ancho Chiles; soups like Slow-Simmered Fava Bean Soup or Rustic Ranch-Style Soup; casual tortilla-based preparations like Achiote-Roasted Pork Tacos or Street-Style Red Chile Enchiladas; vegetable delights like Smoky Braised Mexican Pumpkin, or Green Poblano Rice; even a whole chapter on classic fiesta food (from Oaxacan Black Mole with Braised Chicken, Smoky Peanut Mole with Grilled Quail and Great Big Tamal Roll with Chard with the incomparable Juchitan-Style Black Bean Tamales); and ending with a selection of luscious desserts like Modern Mexican Chocolate Flan with KahIua and Yucatecan-Style Fresh Coconut Pie. To quickly expand your Mexican repertoire even further, each of these recipes is accompanied by suggestions for variations and improvisations.
    There is no greater authority on Mexican cooking than Rick Bayless, and no one can teach it better. In his skillful hands, the wonderful flavors of Mexico will enter your kitchen and your daily cooking routine without losing any of their depth or timeless appeal. More info


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