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      RECIPE TITLE "Japanese Spicy Pancakes" Author: Kaoru L.

    yields4 servings time 45 min. difficultydifficult


    2 cups dried bonito soup (without salt);
    2 cups baking powder ;
    a pinch salt
    a pinch mountain yam ;
    5 g (if available) chopped cabbage ;
    4 handfuls egg ;
    4 small pieces of deep-fried batter ("agedama");
    1 tbs red pickled ginger root ("beni-shohga") ;
    1 tbs sweet Worcestershire sauce ("Tonkatsu sause + Ustah sauce")
    dried bonito flakes ("katuobushi flakes")
    green seaweed flakes ("ao-nori")


    1. Mix salt and baking powder with flour, and sift it into a big bowl.
    2. Pour a little soup at a time, mixing.
    3. When fully mixed, cover the bowl and set it aside for 1--3 hrs.
    4. Grind yam and fold into the batter.
    5. Add chopped cabbage, small pieces of deep-fried batter, red pickled ginger root, eggs, and other ingredients at your own risk. = )
    6. Divide the mixture into 4 and spread it into 20 cm diameter on a heated thick iron plate.
    7. Cook it until the edge till it becomes dry.
    8. When small holes appear on the surface and the bottom browns, turn it over.
    9. After the inside is almost baked, press it evenly.
    10. When the inside is baked enough, turn it over again.
    11. Spread sweet Worcestershire sauce on it, and sprinkle green seaweed flakes and dried bonito flakes over it.
    12. Serve with favorite spices or mayonnaise or mustard.

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