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      RECIPE TITLE "Vodka martini"
    excerpted from Sexy City Cocktails: Stylish Drinks & Cool Classics You Can Sip With Attitude
    Copyright© 2003 by by Megan Buckley

    yields serves 1 time---difficultyeasy

    You've got the perfect little Prada dress. You splurged on those blade-thin stilettos by Manolo- and you don't regret a thing. Because by now, you've got time for one more drink, back at your place, and you offer him a martini. He falls at your feet. Why? Because "Can I mix you a martini?" says, I've got class. I know what I want, and I want it straight up, with or without a twist, baby.
    You know you want a martini, and there are so many different ways to have it; from citrusy to savory and with everything from chocolate to curacao. Try an original clear-as-water gin martini if you're feeling sleek and chic; a sweet 'n' tart Sea Breezetini if you'd rather be on the beach; or a luscious Toasted Hazelnut martini for lickable lips. And no matter what your poison, what's not sexy when sipped from a martini glass? Nothing!
    So whether you want to ask him back to your place or you and the girls are getting ready to paint the town red, these recipes are guaranteed to spice up any night or sweeten a tete-a-tete. Get ready to seduce and be seduced!

    He's one of the most famous martini drinkers in history-and he's sexy to boot. Too bad he's not a real guy! He's Bond, James Bond, and he likes his vodka martinis stirred, not shaken. Seems to have gotten him the girl every time, from Tiffany Case to Honey Rider to the famously named Pussy Galore. If it got him the girl, it'll get you the guy: try a martini 007-style! Stir the vodka and vermouth after pouring it over ice, then gently strain into a sparkling glass.

    Martinis are so back in style, along with all things decadent, like cigars and deliciously fattening foods (and these are a few of our favorite things!) In spite of endless, fabulous variations on this theme, the original simply can't be beat. These days, many omit the vermouth entirely; while some still prefer it with just a tinge of vermouth's sweetness. It's simply a matter of taste. Either way, it's timeless.


    3 ounces vodka (try chilling it first to give it an extra bite!)
    1/8-1/4 teaspoon dry vermouth
    Lemon twist or green cocktail olive (or any garnish that tickles your taste buds, such as fruit slices, fruit zest, bitters, etc.)


    Some like to omit the vermouth altogether in favor of the vodka's smoothness - but we like the classic recipe. Mix vodka and vermouth with ice in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, then strain into a well-chilled cocktail glass. Slip a twist of lemon over the edge of the glass.


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