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      RECIPE TITLE "Sweet Potato Cheesecake" Recipe by: Sweet Potato Festival, Vardamon, Mississippi, 1994,
    courtesy of

    yields--- time ---- difficultyeasy


    1 1/2 c Graham cracker crumbs
    1/4 c Granulated sugar
    1/3 c Butter or margarine -- melted

    3 3-oz pkgs cream cheese -- soft
    1 c Granulated sugar
    1/4 c Light brown sugar
    1 3/4 c Sweet potatoes, mashed
    2 Eggs
    2/3 c Evaporated milk -- undiluted
    2 tb Cornstarch
    1/4 ts Ground cinnamon
    1/8 ts Ground nutmeg

    2 c Sour cream -- room temperature
    1/3 c Granulated sugar
    1 t Vanilla extract

    Parrish 9x3 Round Cheesecake Pan with Removable Bottom
    Parrish 9x3 Round Cheesecake Pan with Removable Bottom This 9-in. Round Pan is the one you'll want to use for baking cheesecakes or any cake you wish to decorate and frost along the sides. A removable bottom plate lets you lift the cake out without disturbing the sides, allowing you place the cake on a more decorative stand for decorating and serving. The pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum and measures 3-in. high.


    Crust: Combine crumbs, sugar, and butter in bowl. Press onto bottom and 1 inch up on sides of 9 inch spring-form pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes. Do not allow to brown. Remove from oven and cool.

    Cheesecake: Beat cream cheese, sugar and brown sugar in large bowl. Beat sweet potatoes, eggs, and milk. Add cornstarch, cinnamon and nutmeg. Beat well. Pour into crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 55 to 60 minutes or
    until edge is set.

    Topping: Combine sour cream, sugar and vanilla. Spread over warm cheesecake.

    Return to 350 degree oven and bake 5 minutes. Cool on wire rack. Remove side of pan and chill several hours or overnight.

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