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      RECIPE TITLE "Orange CheeseCake" Author: Mina P.D.

    yields8 people time20 mins + 2 hrs.difficultymoderate


    1 c Soft wholewheat bread crumbs, 1/4 c Bran (natural), 1/4 c Brown sugar, 1/2 ts Ground cinnamon, 2 tb Butter or margarine

    1 tb Unflavored gelatin (1 pkg), 1/3 c Water, 2 c 2% cottage cheese, 1/3 c Orange juice, 1 ts Orange rind, 1 sm Banana, 2 tb White sugar, 1 ts Lemon juice, 1 sm Orange, 8 Strawberries or grapes.


    1. CRUST:Combine crumbs, bran, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. With fingers, rub in butter until mixture is crumbly. Press onto bottom of 7 or 8" springform pan.
      FILLING: In small saucepan, sprinkle gelatin over water and let stand for about 5 minutes to soften. Place over low heat, stirring until gelatin dissolves. Let cool to room temperature.
    2. In food processor or blender, combine cottage cheese, orange juice, orange rind, banana, sugar, lemon juice and dissolved gelatin. Puree until smooth.
    3. Pour over prepared crust. Cover and chill in refrigerator 2-4 hours or until set.
    4. At serving time, remove side from pan. With wide metal lifter, slip cheesecake off bottom of pan onto serving plate or leave on base of springform pan. Peel orange, removing pith and thin membrane. Remove sections. Slice strawberries or grapes. Arrange on top of cheesecake along with orange slices.

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